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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 New Battle Pass, Map, Character

CODmobile officially confirmed bring new maps in call of duty mobile game through their social media platform

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 New Battle Pass, Map, Character, And More #CODMobile

Call of Duty mobile games are becoming quite popular nowadays. After many updates, now many players have started liking the game. Now The best game of mobile devices opens a new season. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 is now available for both iOS and Android system devices, here we tell you what’s new.

Here is the list of updates in season 4.

  • Battle Pass: Disavowed
  • Operator Skill: H.I.V.E.
  • Character: John “Soap” MacTavish
  • map: Cage

Call of Duty Mobile update: Season 4 Battle Pass

Call of duty: mobile season 4 brings New Battle pass along with a new map, character and in-game items and more. New COD Mobile Season 4 Battle pass Cost You 400 COD Point.

Call of Duty Mobile update: Hive Operator Skill

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 HIVE

If talking about what is new in COD, then a new scorestreak named H.I.V.E has been added in the new update, This scorestreak grants players a weapon that shoots proximity mines that, when triggered, release a bunch of “nano drones” that kill enemies in the area.

Call of Duty Mobile update: John “Soap” MacTavish

Along with this, a new character has been added named John “Soap” MacTavish, For this, you have to buy a battle pass. This Iconic Characters Originally belongs from the original game Call Of Duty 4: Morden Warfare (2017)

Call of Duty Mobile update: CAGE

CODM Season 4 New map CAGE



In addition to this, a new Multiplayer map CAGE is also included, This Map is developed specifically for Call of Duty: Mobile and It will support ranked modes Like Team Deathmatch, Snipers Only, Gun Game, and Free-for-All.

A small map with an emphasis on close quarters combat, Cage heightens the tension in fast-paced battles that encourage frequent engagements.

CODM Season 4 Premium battle pass

If You Buy Premium Battle Pass Then You will unlock the Modern Warfare series favorite Character John “Soap” MacTavish at Tier 1. with later tiers adding a new female Character, the Urban Tracker, the Knife Rainbow camo, and the deadly RUS-79U Viking.

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