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Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map Confirmed in next update

Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map, 2 vs 2 mode Confirmed in next update

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Call of Duty Mobile has become a very popular game and in a few months, many new gaming lovers have joined them. The developers are working hard to keep their popularity alive and keep updating them to improve the game. Due to this, the Activision has just announced on their Twitter that they are bringing a new map called MELTDOWN which is actually a classic from Black Ops II. Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map is built around the nuclear power plant and it is quite large with huge space.

source: cod mobile twiter

Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map

Pakistan nuclear power plant. Battle for control of the nuclear cooling tower and the surrounding facilities.

Meltdown Minimap

Meltdown is a huge classic multiplex map that first appeared in Call of Duty Black Ops II. It is a nuclear power station located in Pakistan and has the five block, first two reactors, and chimney, third and fourth reactor control rooms and last is the cooling area. This map is very large, so it is very easy to snipe in this map, this is the favorite map of sniping people, That’s why this is the favorite map of snipers.


Top view of meltdown map in Call of duty mobile

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2 vs 2 Mode

Along with the meltdown map, coll of Duty Mobile has also announced a new 2 Vs 2 mode. 2 Vs 2 Gunfight Mode is taken from Modern Warfare, which will be found in upcoming updates.

As per a recent Community update on Reddit, the next update will also introduce a brand new UI for the lobby, Game Game mode for teams, and a ton of improvements based on feedback here and there.

The gameplay of Call of Duty Mobile Meltdown map

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