How to get Airborne Chip event CODMobile, its live now in Call of Duty Mobile

How to get Airborne Chip event, it is live now in Call of Duty Mobile #CODMOBILE


There is a new limited-time event live on the new Call of Duty: Mobile which is called the Airborne Chip event. The Airborne Chip Event event starts on November 4 at 4PM PT and ends on November 11 at 4PM PT. A few days ago this event is leaked in some social media platform and now it is officially live.

Glide into the battle with the new 'Airborne' Class! In order to get the new chip, you will need to complete various tasks in the Battle Royale mode. The event starts from 4th November - 11th November (UTC).
 Players can now complete the challenges in the game event and receive this chip which will unlock a new specialist skill in the game. Players who complete all the tasks during the event will earn the Airborne class in Battle Royale, enabling you to take flight mid-match and glide over your enemies. 

How to unlock the Airborne Chip event in CODM.


Player will need to complete specific challenges within the event’s duration to unlock an extremely rare ability which can be only used in Battle Royale mode.

Players need to complete the following challenges required in order to unlock the Airborne Specialist skill.

  • Log in 3 total days.
  • Play 1 Battle Royale match.
  • Play 2 Battle Royale matches.
  • Use 1 Operator Skill in Battle Royale.
  • Use 2 Operator Skill in Battle Royale.
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 1500 seconds.
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 3000 seconds.
  • Kill 5 enemies in Battle Royale.
  • Kill 10 enemies in Battle Royale.
  • Place in the top 10 in Battle Royale 2 times.
Once Player completes the Challenge, they will unlock the Airborne Class. This class opens a whole new set of Battle Royale tactics and strategies. 
After completing 8 challenges from the above list players also get a new M16 weapon skin.

Rewards OF CODM Airborne Chip event.


Completing Above challenge player not only got the Airborne Class but also got lot of Rewards and new gun skins, Credit points, Creat and many more.

Here is the list of rewards you got.

  1. Number of Tasks = 2   Reward: 100 Credits
  2. Number of Tasks = 4   Reward: 100 Credits
  3. Number of Tasks = 6   Reward: Battle Crate
  4. Number of Tasks = 8   Reward: M16 Weapon Skin
  5. Number of Tasks = 10 Reward: Airborne Class Unlock

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