Call of Duty: Mobile Release Date, Trailers and News

Call of Duty: Mobile Release Date, Trailers and News


In March 2019 Activision announced a brand new, a free to play Game wich called Call of Duty: Mobile. Basically, it is the mobile version of well-known PC and Play station Game Call Of Duty.

It would be free to play Game with feature a huge selection of maps, characters, and this features is taken from across both the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

Activision announced that one of its big multiplayer modes would be a Battle Royale mode, We already seen similar multiplayer mode in Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but different in Call Of Duty Mobile.

Then in June, the game was launched as betta Version in India, then After Australia and extended to Canada.

Now Activision has announced in Official Blog that Call of Duty: Mobile will Fully launch globally in Next Month on October 1st.

Here’s a new trailer announcing that release date.

What You Need To Know About Call Of Duty Mobile (CoD) before It’s Official Release

Call of Duty: Mobile trailers

Be prepared for the Call of Duty action Arriving now on your mobile devices for the very first time. Have a look at the latest Call of Duty Mobile Cinematic Launch Trailer as you prepared for the Call of Duty Mobile launch happening this October 1, 2019.

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