It Is Time To Pre-Register For CoD Mobile Game

It Is Time To Pre-Register For CoD Mobile Game

Activation is at it again. A lot has been said about this soon to be released the CoD Mobile game to the public. If anything is to go by, then the CoD Mobile game will arrive with a big bang.
According to what the developers want us to believe, The CoD Mobile game will be totally different from what we are used to in the past. This single-player game is certain to take the gaming world by storm.


The world and India inclusive are waiting for the release date of the Call of duty mobile game that is sure to be on Android and IoS devices.

It is going to be a free game. If you have been following our preview of this game then you will agree this time around the game will come with a big bang.

In times like this when all the I’s are been crossed and all the t’s have been dotted by the game developers, the public who are going to enjoy and be the main beneficiaries of the game should take action by preparing ahead of the game.

It is interesting to state at this juncture that you can take the heart-pounding adrenaline-fueled action of this game along with you anywhere you go in India and the world at large. If that be the case, then you have to get prepared ahead of the official release date to avoid the expected rush that will definitely follow the release of this game.


If anything, great should happen, there must be some element of preparation. If Activation and her partners have done all they could to put together this game by working and preparing very hard for it, then the public also should prepare for the eventual release of this mind-blowing game.

So what are you expected to do right away ahead of the release date? If you are truly a lover of this game, what action are you supposed to take now?

Definitely, you would not like to be caught in the rush hour traffic- if you know what that means. Therefore, you are strongly advised to begin your action immediately on this game today.

Are you still not sure of what we are talking about? Simply put, it is time to Pre-Register for this game! Yes, a stitch in time saves nine; if you want all the benefits of this game delivered to you in full then you have to play your part to avoid the rush.

Activation is preparing to release this CoD that is coming out soon and on our part, it is best to take actions now in preparation for the official release of this game.

It is important to let you know that you can play your way through multiple game modes when you engage from head-to-head battle through fan-favorite maps which are all optimized for mobile. This is an opportunity to prepare for something you had never experienced before on your mobile devices.


When you Pre-Register, you have nothing to lose but all to gain. This registration will not cost you a penny in India Rupee or in any currency in the world because the game in itself is free to play. If you take the step today, you will have the benefit of getting free updates on this game.
Ahead of the release if you register, you will have the opportunity of joining future Beta tests. The implication is that you will have access to win big time in the in-game rewards.

For now, this is available in select territories. You can sign up on google play when you Pre-Register for this game. It will not take much of your time. With some few clicks on your mobile app, you are good to go-not more than that.


It is important to emphasize again that your registration is absolutely free; it will not cost you any fraction in Indian Rupee. You are the winner at the end of it all.

What about the free updates on this game that will hit your mobile line while on the go or at anywhere you are in the world in as much as you are internet enabled? There is the angle of joining future Beta tests and the chance of winning real big!
Pre-Register now to enjoy the benefits.

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