What You Need To Know About Call Of Duty Mobile (CoD) before It’s Official Release

What You Need To Know About Call Of Duty Mobile (CoD) before It’s Official Release

2019 has come and the excitement is getting to fever pitch as game lovers begin to look forward to what will happen with CoD 2019 (Call Of Duty Mobile ). The love for games on mobile apps has a world-wide spread; India as a country is no exception. 

Before this game comes out during the course of the year, you will be at an advantage if you get to know some info on the game ahead of its release. When it finally appears in the public domain; you will flow effortlessly with it on your mobile apps ahead of your colleagues and friends.


What is your expectation from Call Of Duty Mobile 

The reports from various quarters have confirmed that this game is a far departure from the much speculated ‘Ghost 2’. We are therefore left with two likely options:
  • Modern Warfare 4
  • A brand-new sub-franchise
Looking at the options, there are very slim chances that Activation will back Infinite Warfare 2 release. There are several questions that fans are asking concerning this yet to be released mobile game. We are going to keep tabs on the latest developments and genuine info that comes out ahead of the release of this game. You can trust us to get the authentic story from the source which will later unfold as the truth when reality dawns with the release of CoD 2019.

Top Qeastion you have on your mind for Call Of Duty Mobile before its release

Let us take a look at some of the questions that the fans are asking and which we shall give the right answers to if you follow our build-up to the release of this game.

  1. Will this game be historical?
  2. Is the game going to be based on the events expected to happen in the future?
  3. Will the plot of this game be based on the present?
  4. Are we going to have a campaign mode in CoD 2019?
The above questions and many more will be answered as we build-up to the release of this game. The objective is to give our Indian audience all the legitimate as it is been released from the source as it concerns this game. If are going to look at the body language of the principal actors and use what we get through that to tell you what the producers have been keeping as top secrets on CoD Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile (CoD)

We are professionally going to look at the job listings on Infinity Ward; with our expertise, we are going to use what we see there to answer some of the questions that you want to know ahead of the excitement that will follow the release of this game.

Taking a look at the job listings, the majority of the vacancies describe the title as ‘next gen’. The implication of this is that this expected CoD will be available on any form of the console. This includes current systems, Sony and Microsoft.

Taking a look at one of the job listings, Infinity Ward announced a vacancy for an engineer who is an expert to help them drive the vision of what a true next-gen console can achieve. 

In another of their listing, the quote of the vacancy goes thus: "Come work with the game industry’s brightest on an exciting, unannounced next-gen title." When a closer look is taken on the qualifications of the would-be engineer, it is realized that this game will involve a single player mode as said in our previous post. The single player index is a far departure from what we had CoD release of 2018 from Treyarch, Black Ops 4. This listing an 'Associate game designer' expects the successful candidate to have a wide understanding of both multiplayer as well as single player game design.

Looking at the job listings curiously, there is yet another odd request for Senior Gameplay Animator. The brief of this expert states thus: "set a new bar for 3rd person player animation in a shooter." What we can draw from this odd request is the fact that there might be a likelihood of the addition of a refined 3rd person mode. In the alternative, there might be the likely inclusion of a 3rd person action mode during the course of the confirmed single player mode.

The job listings above is a pointer to what is going on behind closed doors at Infinity Ward. When the public information begins to filter out from the studios by mid-2019, you will know that we first broke the news here.

Watch out for more current updates as we gather the info from Infinity Ward.

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