Call of Duty Mobile for Android: First Look and gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile for Android: First Look and gameplay 

After months and months of hearing of a free-to-play game finally call of duty mobile is now available to download.

It's free to play and you can play it absolutely anywhere in the world with the Internet I'm just as surprised as your when it comes to graphically how good this game looks for a mobile game.


Step by step instructions to Download Call Of Duty Mobile

  • First open play store and search for Call of duty mobile
  • in case you are not eligible for pre-registered registration then you will be notified as soon as it is available for you. 

Call of duty mobile was available on Play Store for registration for quite some time and just today we got the notification that is available to download and as far as we know that it's right now available in limited regions and India is among one of them if you are from India we don't have to use any VPN to play this game.

If You didn't have received the notification for downloading Then to check our detailed article for more details on how to download and play this game right now.

Load call of duty Mobile

So here we have the loading screen and once again verify the downloaded data files to get two options guest login And Facebook login, for this with you I'll be using a guest account which I also recommend in case you are from outside India and playing this game with free VPN.

Call of duty login screen

So at the starting of the game, we go through some tutorials, where we will get to know some basics of this game and my first impression is about the graphics it looks amazing and at the bottom, you can also see the graphics setting in my case it is very high.

Main Menu of Call of Duty Mobile

Here you can see the Main menu of the Call of duty mobile
Main Menu of Call of Duty Mobile

The Main Menu of Call of Duty Mobile will give players access to the majority of the game's highlighted features, including checking messages, setting up loadouts, inviting friends, customization and so on...

Controls of Call of Duty Mobile

In terms of controls, it looks quite similar and this game is only available in the first person.

In terms of firing, you got two option assist firing and manual advance firing.

Apart from the normal weapons you also get the drone assist to kill, Predator missile attack and so on. 

  • Recon Car 
  • UAV 
  • Hunter Killer Drone
  • Air Supply Drop
  • Counter UAV
  • Missile Strike
  • Drone
  • Sentry Gun
  • SAM Turret
  • Stealth Chopper
  • VTOL


Call of Duty Mobile lobby

This is how the lobby area looks like.
Call of Duty Mobile loby

Right now only multiplayer mode is available and the battle royale and the other words will be coming soon.

In The multiplayer mode, you can play random mode or map or you can choose a specific mode such as team up match search and destroy, frontline and other. 


each team has five players in the team and whose team reach at the target score who is 15 kills win the round.

Playing the game is really fun and can use weapons grenade and also at the bottom have special attack options.

I'm really happy right now with graphics and the overall gameplay it's really one of the best FPS game have played this year and I can't wait to play the battle royale mode and according to me the gameplay was good and I really like the graphics and controls.

The battle royal mode attracts a lot of PUBG players to this game but for that, we need to wait further update and announcement for its availability.

Finally, I have played this game after waiting for a long time and I can say it was really worth the wait so what are you waiting for? download this game right now and start playing and guys in case you are out of India and if you don't have received the option to download the game from Play Store then check out a detailed guide on how to download and play this game right now.

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