It Is Confirmed: Call Of Duty 2019 Is A Single Player

It Is Confirmed: Call Of Duty 2019 Is A Single Player

The release of the next call of duty game (Call Of Duty 2019) is slated for the fall of 2019. Just like all other releases before it, the waiting game is on; people are getting excited about the nature of this soon to be released game. No one can say for now what the title of the game will turn out to be. But one fact is certain, it is going to be a single player campaign.

Call Of Duty 2019

Though facts regarding the game are been kept as a top secret in order to keep the curiosity about the game-high; but reading the lips of the Rob Kostich, President of Activision during the Activision earnings call, it can be established that the game will not involve more than a single player.

Read through the lines: 
“It’s going to feature an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and of course some fun co-op gameplay. But from day 1, what gets me really excited, is every time we’ve shown this title internally, it just creates a ton of buzz. Now I wish I could tell you a lot more right now but unfortunately, you’re gonna have to wait, but I think it’s going to be really worth it. We can’t wait to share with the world. Kositch also noted that he thinks the game is "going to resonate very powerfully with our community. It is an amazing game."
If Rob is talking about a huge expansive multiplayer world in the quote and he is alluding to the fact that this yet to be released epic is towing a different line; then it goes to show what we are likely going to get through this game. It can be safe to conclude that this game will not involve multiplayer concept because there are many of them around us according to Rob.

The release of Black Ops 4 did not meet the expectations of the fans in 2018. This first of the series was replaced with the Blackout battle royal mode. The majority of the players end up in the multiplayer mold; they never ever finished the campaign. This is a huge let down; the expectation is that this is a new trend that will keep on repeating itself. But with the latest gist coming out; it is expected that 'Call Of Duty' will present something entirely different from what we are used to with previous releases.

Call Of Duty 2019

However, the rumor about a single player might not be the actual reality. It might end up not being the original that we are all expecting. Chances are that the Call Of Duty 2019 might end up to be a Modern Warfare 2 remaster. There might not be a new game as it is been promised.

Anything can still happen; if we are to go by leaks that also came out not long ago concerning this game, then we might be in for that scenario. If we are going to have that, then it will not include the No Russian mission which is highly powerful but controversial.

Talking further about the rumors, it is been speculated that a battle royal mode will be seen and the hero shooter will be a multiplayer similar to Black Ops 4. However, if the rumors come out to be the reality at the end of the day, the appeal among the fans will not be too encouraging. If, anything at all, an original concept should be given to the people.

If it is going to be a battle royal mode, then it should have a total break from the past; it should be a separate release, not a build-up of what the people have the used to. That way, Call Of Duty 2019 will deliver something that people will really fall in love with.

Call Of Duty 2019

Though other waves of leaks are expected come out before the actual release date come fall of 2019; for now if we are to believe the body language of Rob, it is certain that this game will be a clear departure from what we have experienced in the past.

If it elicited such excitement among the staffs when then they watched and previewed it internally; one only hopes that it will give the same magic to the fans when the game is eventually released. Meanwhile, we keep our fingers crossed and hope this will eventually turn out to be the case.

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